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Plug it in and watch the UV-free light go to work. Bugs are instantly zapped!

This 100% Safe and Solar-Powered Bug Repellent Lamp Allows You to Enjoy the Outdoors. This Bug Bulb Prevents Insects from Getting Trapped in your Hair and Exposed Skin. This Bug Bulb Functions as a Lamp to Keep your Outside Well-lit for up to 20 hours! Get all of the Fresh Air and Peace of Mind Knowing You won’t be Bothered by Biting Bugs. Get all of the Benefits of a Lantern that also serves as an Instant Bug Killer, it’s a 2-for-1!

Have More Energy, Focus, and Better Sleep This Winter

Do you find yourself having to fight off filthy flies from infesting your food or landing in your drinks? Are these bugs creepy-crawling into your home and disrupting your sleep? If so, it’s time to join forces to rid these bugs away for good.

Imagine being with all of your family and friends gathered around and enjoying a fun-filled day. There is food sizzling on the grill and ice-chilled drinks pouring in your glass. A buzzing body swarms its way into your area. It nibbles at your food, flies around your drink, and brushes against your exposed skin! This has to be the quickest way to ruin the fun and appetite! We believe we have finally found a way for that party-pooper of a bug to never crash the fun again!

The Fuzebug is like having your very own personal insect exterminator. With a simple plug in to power on, the solar-powered light attracts the mosquitoes and flies to the top of the device. In a split second, those bothersome bugs are zapped and gone.

When you use Fuzebug, you can easily “turn off” your pain and drastically improve your quality of life.

With the Fuzebug, you will be investing in a long-lasting quality device that includes 10,000+ hours of coverage. For years to come, you will never stumble in the dark or use a fly swatter again!


The ultra-bright LED light allows you to adjust the brightness from a dim setting to a sun-filled illumination. Turn any dark room into a radiant one all from this 7 oz. device.


Included with every purchase is a micro USB charger that enables you to charge it any and everywhere you go. One charge lasts you enough for up to 24 hours so you can spend an entire day clear of mosquitos and waspy gnats.


The Fuzebug can sustain extreme weather conditions from rain, snow and intense heat. Regardless of the temperature, no bug will go unnoticed and uncaptured.


Low maintenance and easy to clean, you can easily brush sweep away any debris from the inner coil. Once you empty the waste from the bottom shell, voila! It is ready to be used again.

Our Customers


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Average Rating

Kylie D. - Orlando, FL

“Summer days in Florida can be brutal! It’s super hot, rainy and a field day for mosquitos. Having the Fuzebug has brought so much comfort not only outside, but inside my home as well. It’s saved my skin from the bites that I was constantly prone to getting.”

Ryan P. - Memphis, TN

“Grilling and barbeques are a staple tradition for me and my family. The flies and itchy ants always invited themselves to the party. The Fuzebug has become the most convenient way we could get rid of these bugs from flying around our food and drinks. We can now hang out all day without having to worry about them anymore. It’s been a huge relief.”

Sasha B. - Seattle, WA

“The Fuzebug is an essential item for when me and my dad go fishing together every Sunday. We charge it in the morning and it lasts for the entire day that we are out there on the lake. It’s so light and easy to carry, that we ended up getting two!”

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